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Since Christmas is the time for giving, here at Spindogs we are joining in with the holiday mood by talking about what presents we would ask for in our letters to Santa if we could have anything.

Unsurprisingly, the most popular answer amongst our team members (KirstyClare, Ben and myself to name a few) was a puppy – a chocolate Labrador, to be even more specific. Of course, to quote Kirsty, we’d want to have the pups ‘for life, not just for Christmas’, if only we were at home more to take proper care of them! Still, I would agree with Clare that ‘everyone should give someone a puppy’ if they truly want to make their holidays brighter and even more full of love!

The little joys in life

Another recurring theme in Christmas wishes are the things we would buy for ourselves, and can be found on our Amazon wish list – like records for Ceri (who, by the way, would also love new record player to go with that!) and Grass Trimming Shears for Daniel – who can’t wait for Spring when he can use it to make sure his lawn edges are perfect, because he is super fussy (and proud of it!).

Other popular everyday items include clothes and shoes – any ‘Santas’ struggling for ideas can get Amanda a pair of blue Converse, or complete Steve’s bike ensemble with new bike boots and a bike jacket (not to worry, he’s got the bike already!). Or, if you are on a budget, you can fulfil Sean’s Christmas dream for socks – he regrets thinking socks is a rubbish present when he was a kid, because now that he is older and needs them, no one buys them for him.

Charley’s idea for what a perfect gift package would be is also quite genius – new pyjamas, to replace the current ones she’s not too fond of, and board games – this way she can use both on Christmas day, and be comfortable as the family game of scrabble takes a competitive turn!

Go go gadget…

Of course, we wouldn’t truly be a team of digital creatives if we didn’t have a couple of techy presents on our wish list – the scope (and price!) of which goes from the new MacBook Pro featuring a Touch Bar Ilias has hinted he’d like to receive for our Secret Santa gift exchange and the full set of Sonos speakers Oli’s planning on upgrading each of his rooms with, to a 4K TV and the Blu Rays to go with it for Ben, who can’t wait to buy the Dr Strange and Fantastic Beasts Blu Rays when they are out – understandable, considering both films are quite visually stunning and having them in high-quality is a good investment!

touch bar – Spindogs

Fantastic gifts and where to find them

Speaking of fantasy and all things visually stunning, tickets for musicals and plays were also in demand – if you are feeling generous, you can book a couple for Kirsty to go see the Cursed Child (although considering how far in advance they’ve been sold out, finding any would in itself be a Christmas miracle!), or make Ben’s Roald Dahl dream come true with front row seats to Matilda. Or, if you have an infinite amount of money, why not subsidise a Spindogs trip to the WB Studios in London, where we can all unleash our inner geeks!

And speaking of inner geeks, let’s take a moment to appreciate Dave’s perfect Christmas present:

75059 – Spindogs

Now, wouldn’t that make an amazing signature piece for the living room of every Star Wars’ fan? Of course, if the Lego Sandcrawler isn’t within your budget, you could always just stare longingly at the picture and instead go see Rogue One: A Star Wars Story a couple of times – the tickets for that are definitely more affordable!

Dream big

The two most unique Christmas gift wishes are those of Luke and Amanda.

If you truly want to make Luke happy, take him on a holiday somewhere far north – like Norway or Sweden – where he can watch the Northern lights and stay in an igloo. Actually, you might want to throw in a bunch of warm sweaters in the gift-box as well!

And, to remind us that Christmas giving isn’t just limited to the people close to us, if Amanda could have anything, she would buy a house where homeless people can live to keep them out of the cold. Or if you can’t afford a house, any other little act of kindness would also help get the less fortunate through the cold months!

Bonus Round: Scott’s Social Shower Curtain – talk about taking your work home!

ShowerCurtain – Spindogs

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