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What is monthly marketing reporting?

Monthly marketing reporting is a core practice here at Spindogs. By comprising key campaign metrics across various channels into a centralised information source, we can closely monitor the impact of our marketing efforts. This information is then used to optimise future campaigns, ensuring the best possible results are generated for our partners.

Whilst we take our monthly marketing reports very seriously, it is something that is easily overlooked, despite how important it is for campaign success. Therefore, this blog seeks to highlight just how important monthly marketing reports are towards increased campaign success and how they can be a fundamental driver in optimising marketing campaign performance.

What are the benefits of reporting marketing activity?

Creating monthly marketing reports is crucial if you want a successful marketing campaign, and here are a few reasons why.

1. Keep on track with KPIs

Establishing KPIs is a vital part of any marketing campaign. They align your marketing strategy with your objectives and provide a benchmark for you to measure success against. However, establishing KPIs alone is not enough to ensure your marketing campaign will generate the best results. Through monthly marketing reporting, you can track your campaigns and ensure you are on track to achieve your KPIs. If your marketing report forecasts that you won’t hit your KPIs, you can then adjust your strategy accordingly.

2. Oversee all marketing channels

A multi-channel marketing strategy is the most effective way to realise your marketing goals. By leveraging the strengths of different channels, you can effectively communicate and engage with your audience, no matter which platform they are most active on. However, multi-channel campaigns can be difficult to organise, with metrics dispersed across multiple marketing platforms. Monthly marketing reporting mitigates this problem by comprising metrics from different channels into one centralised report. This means you can not only compare the performance of each channel, but measure the impact that the channel has on the customer journey.

3. Make more informed decisions

The digital marketing industry is constantly evolving, which makes it unlikely that your strategy will perform optimally the first time around. However, by reporting results across multiple channels, you can determine which platforms are underperforming and identify what activity needs refining. You can even use monthly marketing reporting to monitor which platforms your target audience are most active on, allowing you to make more informed decisions about future marketing activity.

4. Analyse monthly and yearly results

Preparing marketing reports also allows you to analyse metrics on a monthly and yearly basis. Through this, you can determine the effectiveness of the different marketing channels you have used, and decide where you should focus future marketing activity. Using monthly reports to analyse your yearly results will also enable you to identify trends, which could explain the results that your campaigns generate. For example, if your company sells seasonal products, you can use your reports to decide when to start and end marketing campaigns.

5. Complete an end-to-end assessment

Finally, through monthly marketing reporting you can create an end-to-end assessment of team contribution. Identifying the role that each team has in implementing your marketing campaign will encourage collaboration across your business, and ensure everyone involved is working towards a common goal. It also helps to identify any broken chains where teams are failing to communicate and collaborate, allowing you to implement processes that encourage a holistic approach. It’s this way of thinking that really makes up the Spindogs difference.

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