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Creating a digital marketing strategy

If you’re in charge of your business’s digital marketing strategy, you’ll understand how important it is to reaching overall business objectives. Effectively acting as a plan of action, a digital marketing strategy should outline your business’s goals and how they’re going to be reached. However, that isn’t to say it should be completely set in stone. 

At Spindogs, we believe a digital marketing strategy should strike the perfect balance between fixed and flexible. Fixed aspects should include your business’s goals and your marketing budget, which will provide a secure foundation to build upon. Flexible aspects should include the content produced and the channels used, which will enable quick response to trends and opportunities. We have found a balance of the two helps to produce online marketing strategies which are not only clear in the direction they are heading, but with everything that’s required to make the journey. 

Why you need a digital marketing strategy

Creating an effective digital marketing strategy is one thing, but actually sticking to it is another. This can be a particular challenge when other members of your company expect to see immediate results and improvements. Below, we’ve explained why it’s important to hold your ground and stick to your digital marketing strategy. 

Reach business objectives

Your digital marketing strategy has been specifically designed to help your business reach its objectives. If you were to sway from your marketing strategy, you could end up falling short of your original goals, wasting both resources and budget.

Allocate time to resources

A key part of your digital marketing strategy is allocating time to resources. Whether you require content creation or SEO activity, sticking to your digital marketing strategy will ensure you have the resources required to implement your plan. 

Maximise budget

The budget you’re provided will need to be carefully allocated to marketing activities that align with your strategy and goals. Otherwise, you could risk wasting your marketing budget on one-off campaigns that might not benefit your business in reaching its long-term objectives. 

Generate measurable results

Your marketing strategy should act as a reference point, with measurable results to keep track of. This will allow you to monitor the progress of your strategy and ensure you’re on track to meeting both your colleagues’ expectations and your business’s targets. 

Demonstrate your value

The results generated from your digital marketing strategy can be used to demonstrate your value to the business. After all, without your hard-work and strategic thinking, your business might not have the ability to reach a wider audience or build brand awareness. 

Accessing digital marketing support

If you’ve been tasked with putting together a digital marketing strategy for your company but don’t feel confident in all areas of digital marketing, feel free to book onto one of our online training sessions. Whether you want to learn more about social media advertising for business or content planning for web, we host regular training sessions, where we provide you with the skills you need to go it alone. Each hosted by a digital marketing expert, you can book onto an upcoming training session over on the Spindogs website

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