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Here at the Spindogs family, we’re really proud of the hard work all our teams put in – you might know this already if you follow us on literally any social channel! This month, we’ve taken the time to give some extra love and appreciation to the clever women in our frontend team who prove that web development is not just a man’s world.

Read along as we get to know Sian, Rhi and Emma a bit better and learn about all that goes on behind the code:

What types of dev projects do you work on?

Sian: I work on frontend and Umbraco CMS projects

Rhiannon: Frontend projects mainly, which involves changing flat designs into frontend layouts. I’ve also recently started working on integrating the frontend with Umbraco CMS.

Emma: Frontend development projects – turning designs into working website layouts.

What is the best dev project you’ve worked on?

Sian: The one that springs to mind is probably the Monmouthshire Building Society. It’s the biggest site I have done from start to finish – I did both the frontend and the Umbraco CMS.

Rhiannon: That’s a hard one! I’m not sure if many of my websites are live yet! I liked doing KSS because there’s quite a few interesting button and rollover animations that were fun to figure out and implement. I also like the dark theme!

Emma: I love anything that has great visual design and also presents an opportunity for learning.  A recent project that I enjoyed was CSG. I got to experiment with some new plugins and animations, and received some complimentary feedback from the CMS developer, so that was really a lovely experience!

What made you go into development and what do you like most about it?

Sian: I was a graphic designer before I became a developer, but work in print was quite hard to come by back home. I got my first job out of uni as a digital designer – I did 3D models and animations for a small digital agency. They asked me if I wanted to train as a web designer and I thought why not?! I ended up really enjoying it.

Rhiannon: I’ve always been someone who has been drawn to more creative/hands-on subjects in school (art, textiles, graphics) as well as science and maths. Always thought this was a bit of a weird mix as people tend to like one or the other, but it makes sense as a frontend developer! I was first made aware of (and started getting interested in) programming because of my mum – she was a primary school teacher for 15 years who did computing courses in her spare time. During my final year of uni, she also finished a Masters in computing.

Emma: I began my professional career as a designer, but I have always been interested and skilled in HTML/CSS as well.  I believe that it’s really valuable to have at least a basic understanding of both, as it really helps you do the best job.  Eventually, I switched fully over to development as I get a real sense of achievement from making things work!

What’s the most valuable skill a developer should have?

Sian: As a frontend developer, I would say a good eye for design. We like to get our websites pixel perfect.

Emma: Attention to detail – taking someone else’s vision and turning it into something tangible is a big responsibility! It’s important to make sure that you capture the designer’s intentions as accurately as possible.

Rhiannon: Attention to detail, definitely!

What advice would you give other women who are considering going into development?

Emma: Go for it – web development is really rewarding (if you get excited about nerd stuff).

Sian: DO IT! We need more female developers who can kick development butt! No, seriously though, it’s seen as a male-dominated industry, but don’t let that put you off – I don’t feel out of place at all!

Rhiannon: Just go for it!

What are three things the dev team doesn’t go a day without?

Sian: Coffee or tea, sarcasm, coding.

Emma:  A quick morning meeting to touch base and communicate.  This is really valuable to me as a remote worker as it lets me stay in touch with the team (ie. interact with real people and not just my cats), and feel included even though I am almost literally on the opposite side of the country to others.

Rhiannon: I also can’t survive without at least one cup of tea in the morning, and some good music to keep me going throughout the day.

Tell us an interesting fact about yourself…

Sian: Apparently I know the lyrics to every song! I can remember lyrics from a song I heard on the radio yesterday, but can’t actually remember things like what I had for dinner…

Rhiannon: Although I’m quite tall, I’m terrified of heights.

Emma: I collect crystals and am currently learning to read the tarot in my spare time.

Make sure to say ‘Hello’ to the lovely ladies on our development team next time you spot them around HQ!

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