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Kentico recently released the latest version of their flagship product – Kentico 12. Its main focus is twofold – it provides a platform built on MVC technology for developers and gives marketers the tools to successfully design and deliver cross-channel experiences.

The modern and lightweight editing environment is designed to empower marketers, so they can increase team productivity and meet their business goals. The new Kentico 12 editor features a clean and intuitive authoring interface which transforms the way users work with content. With it, completing everyday tasks is a quick and straightforward job for marketers which requires minimal training and onboarding time.

Here are some of our favourite Kentico 12 features:

Smart forms

It’s no secret that marketers love a high-performing lead generation campaign. The success of each such campaign relies heavily on gathering key customer information as they move through their user journey. That’s why being able to design and publish online forms quickly on demand is key to marketing teams.

Kentico 12 meets the demand for smart forms with its next-generation component-based drag-and-drop form builder. Aptly named Smart Forms, the form builder comes equipped with design, building and publishing capabilities that allow marketers to be more agile and independent from developers.

The new tool is designed to collect more data more efficiently and keep forms compact by gathering information from customers at multiple stages of their journey.

Widget-based visual page builder

Carrying on the theme of the convenient drag-and-drop model, Kentico 12 also comes equipped with an MVC widget-based web content editor which is set to change the way marketers build pages tailored to optimised customer experience.

The drag-and-drop page builder is flexible and easy-to-use, giving marketers the opportunity to play around with different page layouts and functionalities without going through the development team.

To minimise the risk of unintentionally breaking the website and ensure all pages based on the same template are visually consistent, web admins can regulate the widgets allowed for each page template.

The new MVC Page Builder enables content editors and marketers to be truly agile and increases productivity, allowing them to deliver exceptional customer experience in record time.


The Analytics capabilities of Kentico 12 provide marketers with intelligent insights into the way customers interact with their content across all devices, channels and digital properties. This data allows them to evaluate customer behaviour and create personalised experiences, based on customer context.

Of course, the more marketers know about their customer, the easier it is to create a relevant experience for them. The latest version of Kentico features simplified personalisation management which allows marketers to personalise widget content without help from the development team.

The powerful personalisation capabilities of Kentico 12 enable users to create widget variants personalised by different metrics such as Device, Country, Persona and more, which boosts the effectiveness of lead generation and conversion.

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