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TikTok hosts its first live shopping and entertainment event today (Wednesday, 8th December).

After the success of its livestream shopping events with brands during the Black Friday weekend, the social media platform is livestreaming a two-day event hosted by celebrity Rylan Clark-Neal. TikTok’s livestream shopping event allows users to watch online content and shop at the same time. The livestream will also include a mix of influencers, music and quizzes to encourage users to engage and make a purchase through the app over the next couple of days.

Not only is TikTok hosting the event, but they will get a cut from the sales too.

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The rise of social shopping

Online shopping has experienced accelerated growth in recent years, with the pandemic impacting shopping behaviours. However, social shopping is increasing in popularity too.

Social shopping enables users to browse, discover and buy items on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram.

Instagram includes features, such as stickers, links and an Instagram Shop, to help brands sell directly to shoppers and enable users to browse products and services while they are on the apps. 

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TikTok livestream shopping event is a smart move for the social media platform to make its foray into online shopping. The app has already seen how it can influence users’ shopping habits, with many viewers watching videos and making purchases straight after. The hashtag #TikTokMadeMeBuyIt, which has been used 7bn times, reflects the power TikTok has on purchasing decisions.

While livestreaming shopping is still in its infancy, several businesses and brands are experimenting with the format. Brands and businesses are seeing the power that their social media platforms can have on their outreach and revenue. Livestream shopping can be used as a conversion tool to connect with their customers and influence their buying habits, turning their feeds into a sales platform.

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