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A few months ago the selfie stick was keeping things picture perfect all over the world. The tech accessory allowed everyone to master a group shot and was one of the most popular presents at Christmas, until now.

The selfie stick faces some backlash as venues are reportedly banning visitors from using them in their premises. Earlier this year, The National Gallery prohibited the use of the accessory and Tottenham Hotspur banned them from White Hart Lane. Now Wimbledon have announced that the sticks will not be allowed into the grounds because of the “nuisance value”, and so that it doesn’t interfere with spectators’ enjoyment.

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This news sparked some interest at Spindogs HQ, are Wimbledon being a spoil sport or are selfie sticks just plain annoying? Here are a selection of our thoughts…

thumbs up“Selfie sticks are awesome for GoPros but a bit lame for taking photos of yourself. If they encourage group photos then I agree with them!” – Jon Bauer

thumbs up“If you are at Wimbledon you could have someone behind you shouting which is a lot more disruptive than a selfie stick.” – Jon Walker

thumbs down“There is a time and a place for selfie sticks!” – Ellis Fairclough

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thumbs up“As long as you don’t intrude on other people’s space or distract the players during the game, I don’t see it as a massive problem! An umbrella is bigger than a selfie stick and could be perceived as more of a nuisance.” – Claire Swindell

thumbs downThey would be obstructive at Wimbledon and do you really want to be in the background of everyone else’s selfies?” – Angharad Yates

thumbs down“Good! They are really annoying, can they just ban selfies all together?” – Sean Giles

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thumbs down“If it’s not appropriate to ask someone else to take your photo then it’s not the right time to use a selfie stick.” – Alex Jones

thumbs up“I like them because they are great to capture a moment with everyone. Plus, no one has an arm long enough for a group shot!” – Charlotte Cook

thumbs down“I don’t see the point in them. If you are going to take a picture of yourself do you really need a stick?” – Rhys Ashman

So it looks like selfie sticks will continue to divide opinion, but one thing is for certain…It will be even trickier to take a photo with Bradley Cooper and Gerard Butler at Wimbledon!


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