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Six years after becoming The President of the United States, Barack Obama has finally been given his own Twitter account.

He was clearly delighted by this freedom and wasted no time in engaging in some friendly banter with Bill Clinton. Yes, really.

barack obama tweet

Obama, who you can follow @POTUS, also broke the record for the fastest million follower count, reaching one million followers within five hours. This record was previously held by Robert Downey Jr, who managed to attract 1,017,322 fans in a day!

At Spindogs HQ we were inspired by Obama’s record, and it got us thinking about the other Twitter moments we have loved during the years…

1. “Ashton Kutcher beating CNN to 1 million followers in 2009”- Alex Jones

ashton kutcher

2. “Ellen DeGeneres and the Oscar selfie that broke the internet”- Kas Fijolek

ellen degeneres

3. “The first Red Nose Day US and the amazing response on Twitter”- Claire Swindell

red nose day

4. “The unlikely feud between Mike Phillips and Niall Horan!”- Charlotte Cook 


 5. “The extraordinary picture of a weasel and a woodpecker that went viral!”- Ellis Fairclough 


6. “Arsenal fans started a Twitter campaign so that Jack Wilshere would win BBC’s ‘Goal of the Season’ for the second year running!”- Ben Hayward 


7. “The dress that made everyone question everything!”- Lucinda Reid

the dress

8. “A rather unfortunate hashtag for Susan Boyle’s new album…”- Sean Giles 

susan album party

9. “This response from Tesco Mobile…”- Olivia Farrell 

tesco mobile

What is your favourite Twitter memory? We would love to hear from you, just tweet @spindogs!

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