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For years advertising on Twitter was limited to those with hefty budgets, with a minimum of £5,000 required to launch a campaign. Fortunately that has changed for 2015, with advertising now available to business’ and even individuals regardless of budget.

There are a number of advertising options as well as different ways for you to reach your target audience. Here’s an overview:

Twitter advertising options

Promoted account

Twitter - Who To Follow

The Promoted Account option is intended to increase the amount of relevant followers you have. These ads are featured on the “Who To Follow” section and in Twitter’s Search results.

There is currently an enhancement to these ads in beta which allows “ad copy” to be included which can be used to help convince users to follow you.

Promoted tweets

Twitter - Promoted Tweet
Promoted tweets appear in the timeline amongst non-paid tweets from those that the user follows. You are able to promote an existing tweet, or create one specifically for advertising purposes.
In order to help you catch your intended targets attention and to help you get the most from your Promoted Tweet campaign you can incorporate a call to action, as well as display your tweet, a short description and an image.

Promoted trends

Twitter - Promoted Trends

Promoted Trends allow advertisers to appear above the organic trending topics. This feature is currently limited to advertisers with bigger budgets and needs to be arranged via a Twitter Advertising account manager.

Twitter ad targeting options

Twitter’s Ad Targeting options have really developed in the past year. Here is an overview of some of the options available to you (Some may vary depending on the type of campaign you have selected).

Interests – These are grouped into categories such as Travel.
Followers – Allows you target those following particular users
Keywords – This allows you to target users or searches for specified keywords. Like Google adwords, you have a variety of options allowing you to make your campaign more targeted such as broad, phrase, exact and negative keyword matching. There are also options to target trending topics.
Television – This allows you to target users who are talking about specific television shows.
Gender – Allows you to specify users of a specific gender.
Device & Platforms – allows you to specify users using specific devices.
Geography – allows you to target users in specific countries and cities.

Budgets and bids

Like other popular advertising platforms, Twitter allows you to specify the amount you are willing to spend on your campaign. You can specify the amount you are willing to spend on a daily basis and how much you are willing to spend to gain a new follower or engagement (i.e a reply, retweet, favourite or click).

Twitter is quite keen to advise you when it believes that increasing your bid will increase the likelihood of your adverts appearing when your campaign is running, so there is no harm in starting your campaign with low bids and increase as suggested.

Conversion tracking

Integrated into Twitter’s campaign reporting, Conversion Tracking can be used to see the amount of people who completed an action on your website after viewing or engaging with your promoted content.


Conversations about Twitter advertising with our clients are becoming more frequent. If you would like to know more, or if you would like us to help set up your campaign, get in touch.

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