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Twitter is beginning to look very different on our desktops. If you would like a clue of how it has been redesigned, just search for a website called Facebook.

Okay this might be slightly tenuous, but there are a lot of comparisons between Twitter’s redesign and its rival social network.

Screenshot 3 twitter – Spindogs


You will notice that Twitter has now opted for a big background image on the profile page, much like the cover photo on Facebook. It will measure 1500 x 500px, and remember to keep all the important information in the top 398px, as the bottom will not be visible. Plus, it is now essential that your choice of profile picture is appropriate because it has increased in size, measuring 256 x 256 px.

Screenshot 1 Twitter – Spindogs


Aside from these design features Twitter has some handy new features which will help to project your identity through social media. Now you’ll be able to “pin” tweets to the top of your feed, equivalent to updating your status on Facebook. This development will help to create the idea of a flexible personal bio as you can choose the tweets which best represent you or your company.

Screenshot 3 twitter – Spindogs


Whilst you will be able to choose which tweets to highlight, Twitter has also put a greater emphasis on engagement. The tweets that receive the most attention appear larger on your feed, making it clear what has secured the most interactivity.

Finally, to keep on top of all of your Twitter activity there are now more obvious real-time notifications. Whilst you are logged on to you will receive updates when someone has retweeted, favourited or sent you a direct message. They will also be fully interactive so you can reply immediately.

Although these changes are currently just for desktop, Twitter has added some extra mobile features. You can now tag up to 10 people in photos, making it easier to connect with friends without affecting your character limit.  Similar to Facebook you will receive a notification when someone has tagged you in a photo. Twitter has also made it easier to share photos from your mobile with the ability to upload 4 photos in a single tweet.

It might be easy to spot the comparisons with Facebook and consider the pros and cons of the likeness, but Twitter is actually taking a step in the right direction. The platform is now focussed on improving how you are presented on social media, which surely can only be seen as a positive?

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