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When it comes to Umbraco, it’s fair to say that we have a wealth of knowledge and experience of using the CMS (Content Management System) to its full advantage. At Spindogs, we are proud to have five Umbraco developers in our team who have the skills and expertise to develop intuitive websites that break boundaries and deliver results for our clients.

Our Umbraco experts

Not only do we have a strong team of Umbraco developers, but we also have two Umbraco Certified Masters, two Umbraco Certified Experts and an Umbraco Certified Professional. Three of our developers are part of Umbraco Community Teams and two of our team are three-times Umbraco MVPs and are Umbraco Core Contributors.

This week’s news is that our frontend developer, Sian Simms, has been selected to be part of the brand new Umbraco Backoffice Community Team and share her expertise and knowledge to help improve the platform.

Find out more about what this achievement means for Sian, our team and our clients below.

What the Backoffice Community Team means for Sian, Spindogs and our clients

As part of the Umbraco Backoffice Community Team, Sian will be involved in guiding the development of the new backoffice extension API for the future backoffice, and improving the whole Umbraco experience for us and our clients. As prototypes are built, the Backoffice Community Team will evaluate and review them to ensure they meet the Umbraco standards.

Sian and the team are responsible for ensuring:

  • The backoffice is flexible and extendable
  • The backoffice is easy for us and clients to work with and encourages modern best practices

Encouraging our team to be part of the Umbraco Community

At Spindogs, we are advocates of our team having the time and space to develop their skills, so we can ensure that we are providing the best experience for our clients. Sian was encouraged by a friend to apply for the team after they read her recent uProfile on the Umbraco Blog. Here’s what she had to say about joining the Backoffice Community Team:

“I’ve been trying to get more involved with the Umbraco Community this year so this is perfect and hopefully, I can put some of my Frontend knowledge to good use!
“I was a digital designer with a real passion for animation and I just got sucked into coding. I love making things interactive. This was a decade ago now and around the same time, I started looking into Umbraco CMS – just as an editor at the time but I became really interested in how the backend plugged into the frontend and that’s where it all began. I am now an Umbraco Certified Expert and I use Umbraco pretty much daily in my job.”

Sian has a wealth of knowledge and experience in frontend development and hopes that it will come into good use while assisting with the backoffice project. This is a unique opportunity for Sian to get involved with and, here at Spindogs, we are proud to have one of our developers in the team recognised for their contribution and knowledge in the Umbraco community. This opportunity will give Sian a more in-depth insight into Umbraco and hopefully get some intel on new Umbraco initiatives ahead of time that will benefit the rest of the web development team and most importantly, our clients.

You can read more about Sian and the Umbraco community on the Umbraco Backoffice Community Team page.

What is Umbraco?

Umbraco is just one of the platforms we use to develop your website. The open-source CMS allows you to create and publish content on your website easily and effectively without the constant need of a web developer. Umbraco is known as “the friendly CMS”, and we couldn’t agree more. Its user-friendly features, such as the flexible content management blocks, intuitive editing, cloud hosting, ample extensions, extreme responsiveness, and cross-platform capabilities, make it a firm favourite for a number of online businesses.

Looking for a new website?

With a dedicated Umbraco team, you have access to our expertise in the CMS and web developers who can build a website the way you need it to perform. If you are looking for more information on an Umbraco Project and using the system to build a website, then get in touch to talk through your requirements – we’d love to chat.

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