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Becoming Facebook Accredited

At Spindogs, we pride ourselves on being experts at website design, website development, and digital marketing. One of the best ways to showcase our expertise is with a trusted accreditation. Not only does it reassure our lovely clients that we don’t just talk-the-talk, we actually walk-the-walk too. Throughout the company, our team is comprised of many people with various accreditations and qualifications to support what they do best. 

Personally, I have been creating strategic and creative advertising campaigns on Facebook (and its sister, Instagram) for a few years. Facebook is an incredibly valuable tool for our clients. Whether it’s encouraging people to purchase from a client’s website, raising awareness of what they offer, or generating leads, Facebook provides a cost-effective solution with real, viewable results. It’s the number one reason why I love working with the platform. 

I decided it was time to study for the exam to become a Facebook Digital Marketing Associate and display my knowledge. Luckily, I whizzed through the study section as I was familiar with the platform’s tools and features due to using it for so many years. Whilst there have been updates along the way, such as the IOS update, adding Instagram Reels or Stories placements, limiting targeting options, or adding ‘special categories’ for housing, social issues, elections, politics, employment, or credit, the core elements/strategy have remained intact.

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Taking the exam

The paid Facebook Blueprint exam was done online and hosted by Pearson Vue. You can choose to take the proctored certification exams online or in person. During the exam, you are not allowed any notes, talking or any distractions, much like your old school exams. This level of strict exam process is designed to maintain the high standard the Facebook exam represents and ensures that the certification retains its value. 

Now, I’m the proud owner of a Facebook Blueprint Digital Marketing Associate badge, which I’ve decided to display on my LinkedIn profile and my personal website (as well as sharing on Instagram with my cheesy grin). Having this qualification displays proof to our clients that they are speaking to an expert for Facebook. Our recommendations follow best practices and our knowledge is critical for optimising and creating great performing campaigns.

If you’re interested in incorporating Facebook into your digital marketing strategy, feel free to get in touch using the contact form below. Our Digital Marketing team is on hand to provide you with further advice on how you can improve your business’s social media account.

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