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There have been a few subtle changes to our favourite social media channels recently, so I’ve summarised my favourite changes below. Take a look and see if they are what you’ve been waiting for!

spindogs facebook

Facebook updates

Messenger will be removed from the Facebook mobile site soon, which means you will have to install the specific messenger app in order to keep up to date with your conversations with friends. There have been mixed feelings online about this as some people prefer to use the mobile site rather than download the app or may have devices that prevent them downloading the app in the first place. Personally I’m quite happy with the move as I love having Messenger as a separate app, as it means people can contact me and I can access the message without getting distracted by my Facebook timeline!

Another addition currently being tested is the option for ‘low key notifications’ which will allow you to share someone else’s post more subtly than in the comments or sharing on your timeline, instead you will be able to send to a specific friend or group of friends.

Also, some users may have spotted a font change from Helvetica to Geneva whilst using Facebook on their desktop…Did anyone spot this?!

spindogs twitter

Twitter updates

Moving forward additional media such as photos, gifs and videos will no longer count within your character limit on each post, which is great news for those of you adding engaging media to all of your posts!

Another update from Twitter is that you will be able to retweet your own content. I am particularly happy about this one as I blog outside of work and I know that sometimes my initial post isn’t going to reach everyone, so I may want to retweet it at a more suitable time.

spindogs pinterest

Pinterest updates

‘Pin it’ is now ‘Save it’, a move which Pinterest suggests makes the site more globally friendly, making it easier to use no matter which country you reside in or language you speak. Personally I loved the pin it button and most retail sites still have a ‘pin it’ rather than a ‘save it’ button so I think it will be a gradual change over the coming months.

spindogs instagram

Instagram updates

I know this has been around for a while now, but don’t forget that you can now have more than one account open within your Instagram app. Now you don’t need to log out to post from another account, which is hugely helpful to those of you with a personal and work account.

Instagram also launched their new brand last month, so if you have the icon on your website remember to chat with us about updating the icon in due course.

I’m sure there will be lots more changes in the next 6 months and if there are any features you’d love to see on your favourite channels we’d love to hear from you on Twitter @spindogs, as we’re sure it will spark a conversation!

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