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It’s no secret that the team at Spindogs love Kentico – both our expert developers and our Kentico-certified marketers. We recently shared why Kentico is one of the most popular .NET CMS platforms but today we want to dig deeper into how it can save time and resources on your email marketing strategy

Marketing of the future with Kentico

The Kentico CMS/EMS supports businesses with a unified platform with the capability to offer a centralised overview of all customers in one system. Working with a CMS which integrates various systems from across the organisation, such as CRM, ERP, and PIM, into a broader digital marketing stack allows companies to create consistent and relevant experiences which span across all touchpoints.

Managing your marketing communications across all channels and devices gives your brand the power to deliver unique digital experiences and stand out from the competition. The fully-integrated set of high-quality solutions on the Kentico EMS puts marketers in charge of telling their brand story, adapting to new trends and audience expectations.

So, how can you turn your marketing goals into reality using Kentico’s email marketing solution?

Kentico email marketing

The role of email in digital marketing remains central, despite countless rumours over the years about the popular tool being ‘dead’ (Always take it with a pinch of salt when people say something in the world of digital is dead!). The stats on return of investment show that it is still one of the most valuable direct marketing assets. Customers are also firmly fans of email, and it remains their preferred way of communicating with brands.

The latest email marketing solution by Kentico gives marketers more power to create personalised, responsive email campaigns that engage customers. Features on Kentico’s online marketing solution include build, management and optimisation:

  • Visual Email Builder
  • A/B Testing (top tip: Kentico offers more detailed insight with its A/B testing tool, which tests total customer engagement figures and not just clickthrough rate)
  • Personalization
  • Enhanced Reporting

Kentico marketing automation

The marketing automation feature in Kentico targets audiences at different stages of their journey to nurture leads with personalised content, increasing return on campaign investment.

Kentico’s marketing automation facilitates the build of complex personalised campaigns based on customer interactions with the website, such abandoned shopping cart emails, reminders about downloading content, and much more. Consider targeting existing clients with educational emails containing useful tips.

Versatile as it is, Kentico’s marketing automation is very easy to manage. Designed as a simple drag-and-drop interface, the tool makes creating and managing automated campaigns easy for marketers, (even the less tech-savvy ones!).

Kentico A/B testing

Kentico’s A/B testing capability uses an iterative approach to test whether the content and design on webpages is resonating with audiences and driving profitable action.

The CMS platform’s A/B testing module allows for an unlimited number of variants to be tested to determine which set up ensures a website supports business goals. Automatically generated reports provide actionable insight on the impact of different messages or designs on specific audience segments.

The advanced functionality for A/B testing available with Kentico gives CMS users the option to define which audience segments are included in the test prior to running it, so they can see meaningful results quicker. Marketers can also choose to restrict the reach of their A/B testing to reduce the negative impact of higher-risk changes.

Unlike other alternatives, Kentico’s A/B Testing module is fully integrated and does not require external applications. Marketers don’t need any specialised technical knowledge to test, manage and analyse their email marketing campaigns. They have access to real-time reports on their users’ behaviour and the tools to optimise email campaigns based on the results without involving developers.

Get in touch with our team of Kentico experts to learn more about how Kentico email marketing can revolutionise your digital strategy.

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