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Your business card is often the 1st offensive when your meeting new business contacts, you could be at a party, you could be stopped in the street by someone you know, or you could be at networking event where you are expected to hand out cards.  Whatever the situation the 1st thing that a potential customer, or referrer to your business is presented with is often your business card.

A business card is an extension of your brand, it is a little piece of card which tells me what you and your business is all about.

So let’s compare a couple of potential reactions…You have passed me your business card and the following happens:

1.  I say thank you, briefly look over it, and put it straight in my pocket.

2.  I say thank you, I hold the card for a few seconds rubbing it between my forefinger and thumb, and flip it over to see what’s on the reverse.

3.  I instantly smile…I do the same thing as I did in No2 but I say “WOW, that’s different, I really like your card!” etc.

Which of those 3 reactions would you prefer?  You may be thinking, well none of those sound that bad, but let’s have a think about what I may be thinking in each case:

1.  Bloody hell this looks cheap?  He could do with sorting this out.

2.  This feels nice, looks like it has been designed professionally, I might do business with this fella at some stage.

3.  That is really clever, it’s on a really nice thick card, with a really professional finish, and it looks different, this guy stands out from the crowd, If I ever need his service I will give this fella a call.

Now which would you prefer?

Your business card may be the smallest part of your printed material, but is by no means the least important.

Don’t cut corners, think of some unique ideas, and don’t try to save money by printing them at home!  Your business card can say more about you than you think…

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