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As a predominantly digital agency with several remote workers, we were well equipped to deal with our current home-based situation. But working from home can come with a few more challenges than just setting up your workspace in a new location.

We’re in this together, and the sense of community that comes through sharing knowledge and supporting each other will likely be the thing to make us stronger on the other side.

So, without further ado, please read on for Spindogs top tips on remote working.

Keep a routine

Working ten feet away from your bedroom doesn’t mean you shouldn’t get up, showered and ready like you would any other working day (you’ll thank us for this one when there’s an unexpected video call coming through!) and the same goes for eating crisps for breakfast… *takes mental note* stick to your normal eating routines too.

Transitioning into life out of the office can be a lot for your brain to adjust to, so make it a little easier by keeping your morning routine. If you usually have a walk to work, why not keep that incorporated too (with distancing in mind)? Your brain and body will thank you for the gentle exercise and you’ll feel set up to start your day at work.

Have a dedicated working space

So, you’ve made it out of your dressing gown and into your work clothes, now where are you going to set up for work? Not all home workers (especially with such late notice) will have the luxury of a desk but a kitchen table, or even the same spot on the sofa, can help you adjust. If you can find somewhere with natural light, even better – it’s particularly gloomy here in the UK right now so make sure you’re taking care!

Sticking to one dedicated area and tidying up your work stuff at the end of each day can really help you separate work from home, you don’t want your whole living space to become synonymous with work.

Put your phone away

It’s unbelievably tempting to have our phones an inch away from us 24/7 at the best of times, let alone when there’s a pandemic, BUT keeping your phone face up and right next to you is only going to disrupt your flow and stop you from working as usual. Your friends WhatsApp group can wait until your next break!

Stay social

If you’re new to WFH, one of the biggest hurdles to overcome can be adjusting to life without the office buzz, remember that you’ll probably be used to spending more time with your colleagues than your family, so it’s natural to miss the catch-ups.

Schedule in some chat opportunities, virtual elevenses with your teammates or even booking out the time to eat lunch together on a video call.

Spindogs Senior .Net Developer and seasoned remote worker Nik says:

“Communication is key – for those who are used to the humdrum of an office, pick up the phone and talk to people, use teams, or other mediums for spontaneous video chats as if you were in the office by someone’s desk. and USE VIDEO! The video element is key as you get that “face to face” behaviour (almost).”

We’re big fans of Microsoft Teams at Spindogs, and they’re making the software completely free to support those anyone in need throughout Covid-19, more on that here.

Get outside, exercise and stay hydrated

You may be at less risk of catching anything now you’re WFH, but there’s still a need to keep healthy and sane(!), your immune system will thank you for it. Make sure you’re hydrating throughout the day and eating healthily whenever possible. Keep an eye on your posture if you’re not at a desk and make sure you’re stretching and being mindful of taking appropriate breaks.

If you have a garden, get out and take some deep breaths of fresh air, and if you don’t, a window should do it! Lots of fitness coaches are now offering free online classes, so if you can’t get out of the house, you do have options.

Blast some beats!

We’re used to keeping things upbeat in the HQ with our Sonos playing music on every floor. If you’re missing the atmosphere and noise, pop something on in the background to keep you company.

While we may be working from home, we’re still fully operational so if you’d like to get in touch, contact one of our experts below!

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