Take 5 with Coffee#1

The Client

The Coffee#1 experience is one of charm and simplicity, an invitation to come in, enjoy your coffee and take 5. A warm welcome and great coffee, exactly what every community needs at its heart. 


The brief

First and foremost the new Coffee #1 website needed to showcase the brand, reinforcing their position as the ‘place to stop and sit’. It needed to emphasise key brand messages and values, and align the company’s brand identity and tone of voice. The site also needed to meet the expectations of mobile users and the user experience needed to be given serious thought. Having long been fans of the business the Spindogs team couldn't wait to tackle the new project and provide Coffee #1 website users with a site that reflected the in store experience. 

The solution

Our starting point for the Coffee#1 website was to identify ways to translate the offline experience to the web, looking first at the navigation, visuals and content. The two companies worked together to develop a framework from which to create ‘on-brand’ content, with clear guidelines on how to consistently apply the key value of ‘time’ on the site. 

“Spindogs were the perfect partner for our website brief – understanding our key challenges and driving our online presence to the next level”

As well as the core functionality the site also needed to support the expansion of the business by equipping the site with the option to attract great employees, and integrate the current recruitment platform. The site also needed to incorporate changes to the voucher and loyalty scheme to maximise these areas of the business. The project team scoped, built and tested the different integrations in connection with Coffee#1 and their 3rd party suppliers and the design was heavily led by the content framework. The result is a site that delivers content specific to the user and their location, in a quick and concise manner.

The results

In line with the client’s requirement for the new website to support a seamless recruitment platform, job vacancies are now automatically added to their website via an HR portal where prospective candidates can search based on location and/or job role. Applications are also automatically populated in the HR portal from the website, making the process more streamlined both for the candidate and Coffee#1.

“Our new website does everything we set out to achieve, and more.  Plus the ease, professionalism and proactivity of the team made this an enjoyable project to deliver”

For those of you familiar with Coffee#1’s loyalty programme, this has now been fully digitised  and customers can register loyalty cards online, check the balance of their gift card or check their progress towards additional rewards in real time on the Coffee#1 website. 

Post-launch our online marketing team have built a bespoke reporting dashboard with client-defined metrics to report on the performance of the website, to ensure the site is performing as it should to meet relevant online targets. The reports show excellent signs of growth across the KPI’s and we are excited to see what the next 6 months bring!


We are thrilled to see that Coffee#1 are now not just #locallyloved, but also #digitallyloved and we look forward to seeing you take 5 in a Coffee#1 near you soon!