Freight Transport Association

Delivering safe, sustainable and efficient logistics

The Client

Freight Transport Association is one of the UK’s largest trade associations and represents the transport interests of companies moving goods by road, rail, sea and air.  

FTA specialises in delivering safe, sustainable and efficient logistics by raising awareness of the industry, providing advice to ensure compliance and best practice, improving efficiency and sustainability through auditing, training and upskilling logistics professionals, and assisting with smooth efficient transport operations.

FTA members operate more than 200,000 lorries (almost half the UK fleet!), delivering over 90% of freight moved by rail, and 70% of UK’s visible exports by sea and air.

The Brief

Freight Transport Association’s new Kentico site needed to combine modern functionality with excellent design to maximise engagement and keep ahead of competitors. In addition to featuring an eCommerce functionality, linked to FTA’s Dynamics CRM, the new website had to efficiently leverage the excellent thought leadership content which was located behind a membership paywall, making precise content visible to Google and visitors.

Amongst the new FTA site’s aims was also supporting the company’s strategic plan to be recognised as the voice of the industry, increase their membership numbers and generate a turnover of £36 million by 2018.

The Solution

The project included transforming designs created by FTA themselves into a Kentico site integrated with Dynamics by our team. Starting with personas back in February 2017, this web project has seen a change in the customer’s team mid-way through, and required a huge amount to support through a major business process clean-up and consolidation to meet the tight deadline set by the business sponsor.

We ran the full process of deriving user personas, creating sitemaps for both the website and the shop, and testing them with internal stakeholders and existing members using Treejack. We then moved on to working with their design team to come up with the responsive templates for the new website.

We collaborated closely with the FTA teams on hashing out a specification for the development of the Kentico website and its integration with Microsoft Dynamics, delivering the keys features such as:

  • login/registration
  • integration with social media channels
  • compliance and advice
  • services
  • campaign and media sections
  • secure member’s area
  • events search and booking
  • training search and booking
  • search that includes secure content
  • integration with FTA’s Online Learning Environment