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Magenta is a highly skilled team of creatives with a shared passion for film, music, photography and design. They work with brands and companies of all sizes to create amazing video, animation & photography content. We’re big fans of their work at Spindogs so were thrilled to be asked to re-design and build their old website which they felt was no longer reflecting their brand and expertise.

You can check out what we did for them here.


Magenta has been specialising in photography since their humble beginnings over fourteen years ago. As times and trends changed, they saw a huge increase in demand for CGI, videography and animation, which now make up around 60% of their once photography heavy workload and it was important that this was reflected in the new website.

They asked us to design and build a more creative-led website with a lot more room for strong video and imagery along with digital marketing services, helping them to increase their organic traffic and improve their search rankings.


We designed a more visually engaging website for them with the main focus being the work they do, whether that’s CGI, animation, photography or videography. It’s now unmissable when someone lands on the website that they offer this full range of services.

Our development team were able to utilise flexible content blocks to give power to the client when it came to creating bespoke pages for themselves.

Our front end team spent some extra time implementing some styling including load-ins and a bespoke mouse cursor, making the website that little bit more interactive and playful.

As part of their move from Magenta Photography to Magenta Studio, we moved the client onto a new domain and worked closely with our digital marketing team to ensure we were able to retain as much SEO value as possible in the transition.


Magenta has seen drastic improvements to their SEO since the launch of the new website:

214% increase in users

300% increase in page views

219% increase in sessions

86% increase in session duration

18% increase in organic sessions from SERP


Client QUOTE

"Our list of requirements was very specific, and probably a bit more demanding than the average client. We needed our site to showcase our video, animation & photography work at the highest possible resolution without slowing the site down.

The team at Spindogs pulled out all the stops to find a solution to this and we are thrilled with the results.

Our new site is the perfect blend of portfolio and functionality. A site that showcases our work,  while ensuring the viewer journey results in contact being made.”

Christopher Davies

Creative Director

Magenta – Video | Animation | CGI | Photography