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What's included:

Total cost: £3,500
  • Site compliance assessed against the most recent WCAG 2.2 Level AA guidelines
  • Assessment of visual, content and technical implementation
  • Review of the global template and up to 5 key pages/modules reviewed
  • Clear and actionable recommendations by one of our Accessibility Specialists
  • Post-report playback where we run through and explain our findings
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Did You Know: The GDS (Government Digital Service) reviewed 437 websites in 2023 and found over 3100 accessibility issues.

Web accessibility can be daunting, especially when there are legal requirements and real consequences for certain organisations such as councils, government departments, and housing associations if your website is not compliant. It is becoming increasingly important both experientially and commercially for websites in all sectors to provide an accessible experience for their users.

Meetings were held with Spindogs to discuss improving the accessibility of our website and to ensure that we addressed the recommendations placed upon us. The communication was clear throughout, and the team explained how the work would improve accessibility. Advice was also given about the accessibility of our website and the statement to ensure that the user experience is always positive. We are satisfied that the work was completed to a high standard by a team of experts.

— Hawys Roberts, Communications Officer Welsh Language Commissioner (WLC)

Why undertake an accessibility assessment?

An accessibility assessment can be a crucial first step in resolving any accessibility violations on your website, enabling you to make informed decisions around which areas of your site need addressing to comply with accepted accessibility guidelines and ensuring all visitors, regardless of their abilities, can navigate and use your website effectively.

By identifying problem areas, we can help you make the business case for accessibility and help you allocate time and budget effectively to provide an accessible web experience for both user satisfaction and commercial success.

Using a combination of our own industry expertise, W3C Easy Checks and the Inclusive Design Principles, we assess key pages against best practice on your website. We will perform our accessibility assessment against AA standards which is a level of the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG), in part because this is what the government reviews against, but also because we believe this is the best of both worlds as it addresses a wider range of disabilities and ensures a better user experience for a broader audience.

We review the primary global header and footer elements of your site along with up to 5 key page templates and often a variety of pages that use those templates. We will also produce a summary report that helps you understand if your website has accessibility risks, with recommended actions to help you focus your time and budget for improving its accessibility and achieving the best results.

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