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Is your lacklustre logo continually letting you down? Then you shouldn’t be ashamed to say so. If your audience is rapidly losing touch with who you are, or what you do; now is the time to formulate your greatest icon into an asset strong enough to elevate your brand.

The success of your brand recognition is often dependent on  the  quality of your logo. Strategic and meaningful logo design demands deep thinking, strong design skill and a team that takes the time to recognise everything your brand stands for. Luckily, we have an award-winning team of designers, ready and waiting to boost your brand identity with fiercely creative logo design. At Spindogs, our dedicated team of in-house designers can deliver…

Attract the right audience and create a lasting impression.

  • Bespoke logo design
  • Logo assets
  • Brand guidelines
“Like a badge of honour, a logo should be worn with pride.”

Love at first sight

A great logo has the power to let customers understand what you do and identifies just what sets you apart from the competition. It can mean the difference between winning a quick sale, or gaining a steady flow of loving and loyal customers. Like a badge of honour, it should be worn with pride and appear on everything your customers come into contact with.

Let’s talk logos

Unique to you

Our award winning design team loves nothing more than sinking their teeth into a custom logo design brief. Working with you, they’ll take the time to understand all that you are trying to achieve in your business, and encapsulate it in a way that resonates with your employees and your customers, through a logo design that is entirely unique to your brand. Concepts, colourways and typefaces are presented at each stage of the design process, as we guide your brand down a new path to meet its true identity. 

Brand new buzz

Armed with a tailor-made logo that lives up to your brand, you’ll relish in a new-found marketing confidence. Naturally, you’ll feel more assertive in your brand and the content you produce, making you more likely to promote your offerings wherever and whenever you can.

Highly distinguishable, a new logo can help to reposition your brand in the market and establish your business as an industry leader. Your audience will navigate towards you in a way they have never done before, because your logo speaks volumes and talks directly to them. 

And, you’ll always have a logo that fits the bill. When designing a logo, we make sure to consider how it’s going to look on various platforms and collateral. In doing so, we can guarantee your logo will always reflect the best version of your business, whether it be as a simple favicon or displayed on the side of an aeroplane.

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