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Softly does it

Promote your content through paid publishing platforms, and expose your brand to new customer streams via strategic ads made visible on otherwise inaccessible channels. 

As search engine algorithms make it more and more difficult for brands to publish organic content and get it seen by their target audience, sponsored content has become a savvy way for us to position non-invasive ads on platforms where your audience is active. By using analytics techniques, we can create content that’s been specifically designed to reach and engage with your target audience.

Our sponsored content services include...

  • Audience-centric content
  • Content produced through analysis
  • Unique long-form content
  • Expert advice from our content team
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“Successful sponsored content is highly appropriate, persuasive and useful”

Credible content

If you are looking to make sponsored content work for your brand, our content marketers will use the most up-to-date technology and tactics to produce sponsored content that offers the most value for your audience.

Explore new content opportunities

‘Powered by’, ‘Sponsored by’, ‘Promoted’

These all sit subtly alongside content pieces and are indicators that a brand has paid to get content in front of you. Sponsored content surrounds us all on a daily basis, often without us realising it. Social media channels are responsible for its recent resurgence as ‘influencer marketing’. Packing more of a punch than organic content, and offering more value to your audience than a banner ad, sponsored content will get your target audience to view your brand in a different light, as you won’t be perceived to be hard selling products or services to them.

Often appropriate, persuasive and useful, sponsored content frequently takes the form of blogs, thought leadership articles, long-form content, social media tie-ins, infographics and podcasts. We also use LinkedIn as a sponsored content platform for B2B clients. Rather than assuming they are being targeted, audiences look to learn from sponsored content pieces. The content resonates with them or offers advice on how to solve a problem. It’s a far softer sell, enhancing your brand’s credibility and inspiring new audiences to find out more about you, as you give something back in exchange for their attention.

Designed with your audience in mind

We will take the time to determine the stories that make the most sense based on your target audience and your marketing objectives. Written by our content editors, our sponsored content starts with researching your brand to identify topics to target. We do this through detailed keyword research in order to produce the sought after content pieces that will stand out and gain the most engagement. This also means that your sponsored content piece will continue to work hard for you, once the sponsorship period has passed. A quality piece of sponsored content can be repurposed many times and can also be found organically.

A winning partnership

Matching content with an audience, sponsored content can be a very effective advertising approach. It is mutually beneficial to your organisation, the publisher and the customer. The key to getting it right is carefully selecting our clients’ sponsorship targets. Those that resonate the most with the target audience we are trying to reach. We only make placement recommendations that look to deliver a meaningful return, and we will insist on full sponsorship disclosure in line with best practice, so as not to deceive your audience either. 

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