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UX – Don’t leave it to chance

Is your website confusing more than it’s converting? Bounce rate sitting on the wrong side of 50? Let us in on the seamless journey you really want your users to make, and start silencing those alarm bells.

Whether your users’ frustrations stem from site speed or functionality, they aren’t going to hang around to let you know. We’ll identify and iron-out any inconsistencies in your website’s performance to provide your visitors with the smoothest user journey yet. In order to improve the user experience of your website, we have a number of tried and tested services we can offer, including…

Better connect your users and fulfil more of your goals

  • User audits
  • Analytics review
  • User-centric website designs
  • Page speed optimisation
  • User journey mapping
“Identifying user intentions, desires and frustrations, we translate these into actionable outcomes that make complete business sense”

All things considered

Adding a UX research phase into your website design project is the ideal way to keep all of your stake holders included with a structured opportunity for them to have their input. When our digital design is based on UX research and analysis, we start off with a comprehensive review of your website, which enables us to develop a deep understanding of your website’s current performance and puts us in a strong position to recommend improvements that are sure to boost the user experience.

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Balancing form with function

Our intuitive UX design process strives to strike the perfect balance between fact and opinion. Our strategists work with your stakeholders to conduct  in-depth research into user behaviour. We harness the power of evidence-based decision making through  insightful interviews, surveys, workshops, reviews and close observation of digital tracking and user-testing. 

Once identified, your users’ intentions, desires and frustrations are translated into actionable outcomes that make complete business sense. Coupled with your list of desired and essential features, we set about delivering the optimum level of efficiency and appeal  in our design and development, for the people you value the most.

Problem solved

With sophisticated technologies at our disposal, our UX agency experts choose how we move forward with them in a way that truly serves you. Users and non-users need to be considered in the application of new design or tech, which is why we don’t deploy any tactic that won’t solve an unmet need, or that may create another. 

Whether you bring a defined problem to us or just know something is up, together we can align our team to find the root cause, test a solution and set you off on a pathway to realising more of your digital goals.

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