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All systems go

If your site and systems operate as silos,  it’s likely you are yet to experience  the value a unified existence can bring. By formulating a master profile using the most up-to-date data, you can give yourself the ability to track and analyse every customer interaction. 

Drive business efficiencies and improve the effectiveness of your marketing with more powerful profiling. Integrations help you manage your customer base better so you can continually meet their needs.

Some of our most common system integrations include: 

  • Marketing automation: Hubspot and Marketo
  • Payment processing systems: PayPal, SagePay, WorldPay and Stripe
  • Email marketing systems: MailChimp, Campaign Monitor and SendGrid
  • Sales automation: Salesforce, Integra, ThanQ
  • Accounting and finance systems: Sage200, Xero
  • Web services using XML or JSON
“Website integrations build more accurate customer profiles and gives you complete visibility over their lifetime brand interactions”

Be better informed

Multiple data sources are commonplace, but can cause endless problems. So, why have many customer profiles when you could have just one? With less room for error, and more opportunity to learn how your customers interact, integrations build more accurate customer profiles and gives you complete visibility over their brand interactions. Using this information, you can create tailored messaging for your marketing campaigns, providing users with a more personalised and therefore relevant user experience.

Explore integration opportunities

Shorten your sales process

Precisely how you deliver digital experiences to your users can be just as important as the products and services you sell to them. If you have grown to expect your customers to navigate between disparate systems, then it can sometimes make for a very bumpy ride. And one that they probably won’t be too keen to finish. If you aren’t prepared to compromise on the quality of your customer experience, then investing in the partner technology for system integrations is essential to eliminate the fallout, and make your customer’s journey a shorter and smoother one. 

Minimise churn

Increasing customer touchpoints through email automation can work wonders to wow your customers and increase sales. Triggered journeys are a great way to engage the masses, and are just one of the many capabilities that can be capitalised on, through system integrations. Acknowledge payments, remind shoppers of the things they’ve left in their basket, and thank users for taking action. These little touches go a long way in keeping your audience happy and preventing them from getting disgruntled, or worse still, wandering off.

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