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Mands has been with the Spindogs team since March 2016, first as our Front of House, then as Community Coordinator and now as our Employee Experience Manager!

As the catalyst for all internal activity focused on employee wellbeing, Mands plays a pivotal role as the gatekeeper of people-related policies and processes. Her role is to ensure that the team’s actions and initiatives make a tangible difference, creating a positive and supportive work environment for everyone at Spindogs.

From recruitment and onboarding, Mands actively supports the wider team and our external HR function, being the first point of contact for candidates and potential new team members. Her commitment to nurturing a tight-knit community has led her to introduce of Office Vibe, where data is collected on team engagement and challenges to address areas of improvement collaboratively.

Behind the scenes, Mands works to implement positive changes for the betterment of the team. She regularly suggests best practice guides to team members and holds one-on-one meetings with everyone in the company to check in and ensure their wellbeing. Her genuine care for each team member shines through, as she actively supports and cheers on everyone, making her everyone’s biggest cheerleader.

Mands’ is also the driving force behind our internal newsletter, The Scoop, which is distributed company-wide twice a month. This newsletter focuses on lifestyle aspects and provides team updates. She also oversees the Culture Club and the Wellbeing Series, initiatives that encourage social connections and foster a positive work culture.