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Chris Tanti is our Digital Marketing Strategist and data guru. As a master of digital intricacies Chris’s role as a Digital Marketing Strategist at Spindogs is marked by unparalleled expertise. Since joining Spindogs in July 2016, Chris has continuously raised the bar, leaving an indelible mark on countless projects and clients.

With a meticulous focus on Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Chris’s responsibilities encompass a broad spectrum of tasks that collectively drive success. From keyword research through the development of proprietary software solutions and reports, to meticulously crafting comprehensive SEO strategies and executing precise implementation, Chris’s approach is marked by precision and innovation.

Chris’s expertise extends into the realm of tracking and reporting. Proficient in Google Tag Manager (GTM), GA4, Looker Studio, and Excel, he transforms client data into actionable insights that fuel strategic decision-making.

Prior to his tenure at Spindogs, Chris played a pivotal role as the Technical Director at RMG, contributing to various Welsh Government projects. His impact is evident in his software development work for Visit Wales, Health Promotion Wales, Cadw, S4C, and numerous SMEs. His experience in research and analytics, including proficient use of SPSS, has enriched his ability to glean insights and drive strategies.

Chris’ multidimensional expertise, from SEO to technical troubleshooting and data analysis, makes him a huge asset to our digital marketing team.