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With over 15 Years as Senior Developer, MS SQL Dev, C# and part of the Umbraco community since 2013 we are thrilled to have Damien in our team as an Umbraco .Net developer.

With a passion for Umbraco and as a Certified Umbraco expert, Damien plays an active role in the Umbraco community and brings a wealth of Umbraco experience to our projects at Spindogs, solving complex problems and drawing from experience to create seamless solutions. From analysing specification documents and amazing frontend creations to analysing complex and sometimes not so complex business processes and bringing them to life.

Through his extensive experience, Damien brings to the role his knowledge of digital logic for electronics, thought process helps programming. He also built a speed trap with a raspberryPI for the HS2 Exhibition here kids got to build trains and race them down a track against each other along with being the sole backend developer for Wrigley Tooth Fairy project, 50million pack codes on Wrigley chewing gum and a chance to win a fiver!