Ian Thomas

Business Analyst

With over 13 years of working in the industry holding several positions as Process Improvement Manager, Product Owner and Business Analyst, Ian joins the Spindogs team with a wealth of experience as Business Analyst.

Ians main responsibility as Business Analyst is to work closely with the business development and project management teams, helping to ensure the relevant quotes have a detailed technical specification and breakdown of the associated costs. Ians role is to ensure the client has a full understanding of the project deliverables and that there is then a seamless understanding for the delivery team of what the project entails. Working closely with the technical teams, helping to improve and drive internal processes, Ians role is integral to the seamless project work we do at Spindogs. Previously having led a number of agile and waterfall transformational changes, along with driving positive customer centric change, revolutionising end to end customer journeys through customer insight, data and feedback has given Ian the skills and experience for this role.

A Great problem solver, Ian has always enjoyed puzzles, lego and meccano sets as a kid, and it’s stayed with him throughout his adult life and especially in his career. The idea of converting somebodys initiative or idea and transforming into reality still excites him. Ian say “giving ideas life, is something that has stuck with me!”

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