James Amner

PHP Team Leader

With experience as a full-stack web developer, along with 15 years in management roles our WordPress Developer James has the skills and business acumen to work on projects not only from a technical perspective but with our client's business needs in mind. From a role as a self-employed partner in a WordPress agency, James joins us with a wealth of experience.

A clear communicator, James believes the work he does is all about making websites that ‘feel’ right to use, and are clear and concise for even the most non-technical person to use and avoiding jargon at all costs.

James’ role is taking the information that’s put into a website’s administration interface and outputting that in a clear and simple way that we can style and fit to the designs. He also connects our websites with many other services, from simple things like having an Instagram feed, to the more complex such as connecting a shopping platform to all the right places. James enjoys working on any problems that require connecting lots of parts together and finding a solution that keeps all the parts working their best.

We asked James to describe himself in three words… this is what he had to say “I’d like to think I’m laid-back (don’t stress too much!) and focused (hence focusing on my project work instead of this email!) and easy-going (always happy to pitch in to help)”


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