Mansel Davies

Mansel Davies


Mansel’s been developing since he was 14 but chose to make his passion into his career in 2016. His fondest moments in the development field have been being the first person (ever) at his college to make a 3D game and solving a bug that had mysteriously plagued his previous company for several years.

He started his career straight from college at RAP International – Doing Oil & Gas safety software. From there, he went into bespoke software at Codebase8, CCTV Security Software at SureView Systems.

At Spindogs, Mansel’s role involves creation/upbringing of various .NET websites, mainly backend with a bit of fullstack now and then. He enjoys bespoke website development the most, along with some CMS based websites. Essentially, if it involves C#, he’s interested! Especially Xamarin, Websites, Services, WPF/WinForms.

In his spare time, Mansel is into cars (the dream being a Honda Civic Type R GT 2017+), metal & rock music, memes, spending time with friends, movies, food (especially steak!), PC gaming (RTS games especially) and PCs in general, along with general techy stuff.

He’s also working on a networking library in C#. This includes a custom serializer for serializing .NET objects in their entirety!

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