Rhiannon Headlam

Rhiannon Headlam

Senior PPC Executive

Our Senior PPC Executive, Rhiannon, sees PPC as a big playground – her role involves a lot of researching, building and testing ad copy, as well as setting up appropriate campaigns that ensure the right message reaches the right people at the right time.

In the five years, Rhiannon has worked with PPC, she has seen retailers go completely online because of the results that PPC have given them, which brings her as much professional satisfaction as the diversity of the job and the fast pace at which everything changes.

When we asked Rhi to describe herself in three words, she immediately responded: “I LOVE chocolate” (however we should include a footnote letting you know that she also loves tea and cake). In her spare time, Rhi enjoys long walks culminating in good pub food, seeing her friends for any social occasion, holidaying and sailing with her dad in West Wales.



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