Tegan Male

Tegan Male

Frontend Developer

Tegan makes up a very important part of our Frontend Development team. Her role involves building the Design Team's layouts in ways that are usable and accessible to everyone, regardless of ability, situation or context. This ties into her most transferrable skills which she believes are empathy and being able to put herself in someone else’s shoes.

Tegan loves the challenge of building websites in the cleanest and most semantic way possible whilst making the most of the languages available to her without reinventing the wheel.

Her greatest achievements in her development career so far have been creating a HigherEd industry-leading design system and component library for an institution-wide product AND having a self-confessed #fangirl moment when one of her CodePen doodles was retweeted by Chris Coyier.

Tegan is an avid video gamer but also sporadically dabbles in lots of different hobbies like sewing, digital art and calligraphy. If she’s not gaming, you can usually find her snuggled up in a coffee shop or cycling around Cardiff on her Dutchie bike!

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