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Tegan is our Senior Frontend Developer. With an impressive 9 years of industry experience and almost four years at Spindogs, Tegan has become an invaluable member of the frontend development team.

As a frontend developer, Tegan’s primary responsibility is to transform design concepts from flat images into well-structured and semantic web pages. Tegan is also our Product Lead for Spindogs’ internal product, Baseline. Baseline serves as the frontend boilerplate system, meticulously designed and maintained to serve as the foundation for every Spindogs project. Tegan is our accessibility champion and is one of our leading authorities in the latest Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG for short). She has played an important role in ensuring our Baseline product is accessible.

Beyond her technical prowess, Tegan takes on the additional responsibility of mentoring junior and mid-level team members.

Throughout her 3 years at Spindogs, Tegan has worked with an array of renowned clients including Harley Davidson, Triumph, Cadw, Traveline, Chelmsford County Council, and NHS.