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The Client

African Conservation Experience are a business arranging volunteer placements at conservation centres in Africa. With trips costing upwards of £2500 and some lasting a period of up to 6 months, ensuring quality traffic and increasing applicants is a key part of their digital agenda.


The Brief

African Conservation Experience wanted to explore their digital marketing opportunities, using Spindogs to develop and manage a range of channels to push traffic to the site and ultimately increase applications.

The Results

Over the course of our relationship with African Conservation Experience, we have developed and executed a strategic marketing plan, involving a wide range of channels, such as PPC, SEO, paid social, native advertising, content creation and email marketing. Additionally we have continually assessed and monitored the site, making recommendations for improving on site conversion to assist the off-site activity we were undertaking.


Upon working with African Conservation Experience, we identified the current application form was not suitable for delivering conversions, and was a complex and unsatisfying user experience. We redeveloped the website around creating a new and much more user friendly customer journey leading to the application process.

While driving a large amount of traffic to the site initially, we came to understand that much of the traffic was causing the sales team problems, fielding enquiries from locations where there were few or no conversions, and also from applicants who did not understand placements were paid for. As a result, we are continually assessing and improving the targeting of our marketing activity and on site optimisation, effectively using it as a pre-filter, ensuring that while applications may have dipped, that the number of attributable quality applicants has risen.

Crucially, through combining our understanding of Google Analytics and our work on the application process we were also able to attribute a monetary value to each application. By taking an average value of an application from each country, we created an e-commerce transaction (without any money changing hands) purely for Analytics purposes, enabling us to attribute a true value to each application and an accurate barometer of our performance.

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