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The Client

When it comes to unusual clients, it’s fair to say that Bamboo is one of a kind. Unlike traditional law and professional services clients where we need to deal directly with clients, Bamboo is a law firm operating system providing alternative business structures (ABS) for law firms in the UK, meaning that we were looking to attract individuals and groups who wanted to own a law brand.

Bamboo enables lawyers, financial advisers, accountants and new market entrants to set up a hassle-free SRA-regulated law firm on their own terms. As part of a white-label platform, Bamboo provides lawyers and non-lawyers with a robust operating system, including a back office, indemnities, IT platform, and additional services, such as managing payroll and recruiting team members.

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The Brief

Having taken Bamboo from concept to launch, the objective for our continued activity was to get the message out and build a strong portfolio of leads. We needed to build interest in the brand, and start generating conversations with potential law brand owners, while also addressing the unique nature of the proposition.

Social media would definitely help us to start connecting with those potential customers. But first, we needed to lay the foundations for long term visibility, and focusing on content creation would ensure the website was fit for attracting leads who were already searching for advice about starting a law brand, but who may be unaware of the ABS option.

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The Solution

Ensuring the content was not only compelling, but also educated potential users about the opportunity at the same time as driving SEO benefit was a challenge. As part of the website project, we produced content for all web pages based on defined keywords against the sitemap. Before writing the copy, we took the time to get under the brand’s skin to learn more about its services, the different customer demographics and how Bamboo best serves them. Our research into the law market and Bamboo’s competitors gave us the insight needed to collect and define the optimum keywords that potential customers were searching for and map them against the relevant pages. This keyword research enabled us to create keyword-rich and compelling content to increase the visibility of said pages in search engine results.

The second half of the project involved setting up paid social and Google campaigns to target the right customers. We created campaigns on LinkedIn and targeted six different unique audiences with unique messaging and reason to engage. From experience, we found that conversions happened at the retargeting stage, especially with clients like Bamboo where the decision process is longer for customers, which is why we set up retargeting ads on Facebook.

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The Challenge

Getting to grips with what our clients do is a frequent challenge but a welcome one. With Bamboo, not only did we have to educate ourselves on the law industry, but we also had to ensure we fully understood Bamboo’s complex proposition so that we could make it simple and clear for their audiences to understand. A lot of time was spent learning more about the nuances of the law market and uncovering the concept of Bamboo, its offering and its audience so that they understood the proposition too. Our in-depth research enabled us to establish a tone of voice that reflected Bamboo as a brand, its position in the law market, and the audience groups it attracts, and translate this through the website content.

As well as educating ourselves on Bamboo and the law market, ultimately, we needed to refine the inbound leads and ensure the enquiries we received were more qualified and appropriate for Bamboo. The sales process was also a potential hurdle. Typically speaking, the journey for a customer from an initial enquiry to converting could last up to six months. To combat this, we created a simple sales pack to help carry the conversation further through Bamboo’s offline touchpoints. We also distributed a monthly newsletter to ensure Bamboo was front of mind until customers were ready to convert.

The Results

The results of this project speak for themselves, proving that content is once again king. After publishing the content and creating social media campaigns, we generated 129 leads and attracted 21.3k visitors to the site in the first five months post-launch. Not only did we attract new customers, but we also achieved the number one ranking spot for five terms targeted on the website and increased the ranking visibility in search engines from 0% to 3.6%.

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