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The Client

Bar2 offer payroll, payment, compliance and tax services, designed specifically for temporary workers.

Bar2 have their own SMART philosophy which identifies their key internal and external values. These are:

  • Supportive
  • Masters in Innovation
  • Ardent
  • Reliable
  • Transparent

The Brief

The client came to us wanting to review their current visual identity. They needed to be able to educate and direct operatives to the most beneficial and applicable service for them in a simple and easy to understand manner. They wanted operatives leaving the website knowing both the pros and cons of each payment option and be clear on Bar2’s processes.

The Umbraco website needed to be modern but simple as there are multiple user types (ages, languages, experience) using it. It also needed to be mobile-friendly as lots of operatives use the site when they’re out and about/on-site.

Appearance-wise, the old site was monotone and simple, there was a lot of grey and the site was lacking imagery. Every page looked near enough the same and it was unclear who a lot of the content was targeted at. The logo had the strapline included in it which made it far too big, so this also needed modernising.

We also needed to reduce the number of phone calls Bar2 were receiving on the old website and signpost users to content or an enquiry form, the existing enquiry form was really long and users were put off filling it out.

The Solution

This was an interesting project as it started at the very start of lockdown so all communications and meetings were performed via Teams. Typically key meetings like the kick-off and design sign off are held in person but we didn’t have that luxury. Everyone adapted really quickly and it was business as usual, just in a slightly different way!

We also collaborated with City Dynamics, a third party who manage Bar2’s MS Dynamics solution.

We started by reworking the company logo, making it cleaner, more modern and significantly smaller once the strapline had been excluded. We introduced the ‘O’ pattern to the brand, which has now become their brand identifier. This is used throughout imagery and as a background overlay on some pages.

We built in a services template which allows Bar2 to clearly identify their core offerings in a really easy to read way, see how we did that here.

We also built Bar2 a blog that contained various flexible content blocks, allowing them to be unrestricted in the types of articles they write. With this, we built an article-tagging block to every page type so that they can cross-pollinate blog content on service pages.

To tackle the site needing to be extremely mobile-friendly, we designed and built mobile versions of the Umbraco website to ensure a smooth experience.

We then looked at the contact form issue and simplified it. It now feeds directly into Bar2’s CRM –  MS Dynamics.

And finally, we built a newsletter sign-up form that feeds directly into Mailchimp.

Take a look at the full Umbraco website here!

“Spindogs have been an absolute joy to work with! From the very first stages, all the way through to the launch of our website, they really took the time to understand exactly what we wanted to achieve from the site - We couldn’t have done it without you!”

— Jo Rowley Marketing Manager

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