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The Client

Bridge Coffee Roasters is a B2B coffee company with a passion for good quality coffee who work to create success with their partners through innovative coffee concepts designed to maximise their coffee retailing potential. They sell, lease and loan coffee machines, as well as additional equipment, accessories and coffee beans to colleges and universities, retail stores, white collar workplaces and the NHS, creating ‘out of home’ coffee destinations within organisations whose core business is not coffee.

The offering of Bridge Coffee Roasters is tailored to suit the client needs, whether they require a full coffee shop design and fitout, or a simple coffee machine package. The company even provides world class barista training and comprehensive marketing support which covers brand management and quality control.

Despite all that, the heart of the business lies in the coffee beans, and all efforts are focused on spreading the coffee love. After partnering with 3rd party coffee roasters for the past 30 years, Bridge Coffee Roasters recently made the decision to bring the roasting in-house as part of the new strategic direction of their business.

The Brief

The new Bridge Coffee Roasters website was conceived as a central part of their content marketing strategy, created to support the new direction of the business and the rebrand that came along with it. They needed a responsive brochure website which acted as a go-to hub for all information related to coffee retail and generated quality leads from caterers and facilities personnel throughout the UK.

The main objective of the new website was to portray Bridge Coffee Roasters as professional, well established roasters who offer innovative coffee concepts and sell coffee experiences. As well as positioning Bridge Coffee Roasters correctly in the marketplace and highlighting their unique selling points, the site needed to act as a portfolio showcasing versatile previous work to prospective clients through case studies and testimonials.

The brand-new website was to also serve as an information hub featuring advise on retailing coffee, blogs, white papers, online tools and infographics, which demonstrate great coffee expertise. But above all, the website needed to effectively communicate the benefits of working with Bridge Coffee Roasters and promote booking consulting session appointments with the sales team.

The Solution

For this project, we teamed up with our photography partners Magenta to create a seamless end product. Since the new website needed to reflect the values and brand DNA of Bridge Coffee Roasters, we worked closely with Magenta to make it a visually appealing, image-led ‘Instagramable’ online destination. Weaving in professional photography and videography into the overall look and feel of the website, we made sure that all the elements work well together to create one show-stopping whole.

Once the visuals and designs were completed, we built a fully responsive WordPress site featuring product templates that Bridge Coffee Roasters can use to showcase each section of their offering, from Coffee Machines and other equipment to the coffee beans themselves. We made these product pages flexible, so that each one could be tailored to showcase the unique selling points of each product.

We also included a Hubspot integration into our website build, enabling Bridge Coffee Roasters to track enquiries made via embedded Hubspot forms whose style we customised. The user-friendly functionality of the marketing hub provides full control over landing page layouts, including the placement of enquiry forms, as well as customer journey automation and a live chat facility.

The Results

Seamlessly working together as a team on every aspect on the projects, from photography to web development and finally the SEO launch, and offering extra input to the client every step of the way, we created a fresh website imbued with the unique character of Bridge Coffee Roasters which they’ve been very positive about.

‘To align with our vision for the future, now is the perfect time to refresh our brand and reflect our new values through the website. We’re delighted with the outcome and know our customers will be to.’

— Darryl Devenish Director

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