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The Client

Bron Afon is the largest housing association in Wales, with an ambition to create flourishing communities where everyone has a quality home to live in, and where people who need it are supported.


The Brief

Bron Afon came to us with a need to completely transform their old website in order to support their growth and development as Wales’ largest housing association. A key part of this project was to reduce the number of calls to the customer services team. The team were previously experiencing over 9000 calls per month from tenants and prospects which led to a significant need to streamline their customer services strategy into a digital process.

The Solution

We understood that Bron Afon had a number of objectives that they wanted to achieve with their new site such as; a more efficient customer service experience, as well as the need for tenants to easily access services to pay rent, bills and keep track of their accounts easily and quickly. Our web designers and developers along with our experts in user experience worked to create a personalised website with dedicated navigation options, as well as ensuring that services and information could be easily accessed by the users.

What really sets this project apart from others is the full form builder that has been developed to assist Bron Afon with their customer services process allowing for a better user experience. The form builder enables Bron Afon to create their own bespoke forms to send to anyone, such as renting a garage or reporting environmental issues affecting the local area. We also developed a tenant account link leading to an external site, as well as a fully integrated web chat linked to their CRM, allowing for an enhanced customer service experience.

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