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The Client

Over the course of 18 years, DVS have quickly established themselves as one of Europe’s leading distributors of electronic surveillance products. By continuing to embrace new technology and invest in the development of their team, DVS have managed to stay ahead of their competition and build an enviable reputation in the industry.

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The Brief

With their own in-house marketing team, DVS were well equipped to develop their own digital marketing strategy. However, the DVS team didn’t work with social media on a day-to-day basis, which meant that they weren’t always up to speed with techniques, trends, advertising options or the latest platform changes. Without this knowledge, DVS were struggling to achieve the results they wanted to see from social media ads.

When DVS approached us, they were looking for guidance on how to set-up and optimise their Facebook ad campaigns. Their main objective for the campaigns was to increase brand awareness and drive traffic to their website.

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The Solution

To provide the in-house marketing team at DVS with the knowledge and skills they required to set-up and monitor their Facebook ad campaigns, we decided to arrange a weekly 1 hour workshop with one of our social media specialists. Within these sessions, we reviewed two of their active Facebook campaigns and made recommendations on how to improve their set-up. The two campaigns we analysed were their Real Installers campaign and their app download campaign.

During this process, we helped the client move away from using traffic campaigns and encouraged them to start using conversion based campaigns. While their traffic campaigns were focusing on driving users to their website, the conversion campaigns would target users who were more likely to convert. This small change was a huge turning point in the project and provided DVS with a better understanding of how different campaign types can generate different results.

The Challenge

One challenge that stood in our way during the project was the latest iOS update within Facebook, which revealed that Facebook campaigns would no longer be able to report on users who had opted out of tracking. This update had the potential to cause a lot of confusion for the team at DVS and could lead them to believe they had experienced major drops in engagement levels and conversion rates. Luckily, we were on hand to walk them through the update and ensure they were doing all they could to continue tracking users as effectively as possible.

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The Results

By offering DVS one-to-one consultancy workshops, we were able to provide their digital marketing team with the knowledge, skills and confidence they needed to set-up and optimise their Facebook ads. Since starting the project, DVS have seen impressive results from both campaigns.

The Real Installers campaign aimed to improve awareness and in just the first month managed to generate as many visits as their homepage. Whereas the app download campaign aimed to encourage users to download their app and in just two months saw 181 app downloads. The app download campaign also brought 3,328 visitors to their website and led to £715 of revenue, which was an added bonus for DVS.

With this project proving to be so successful, DVS have since asked us to consult their marketing team on utilising LinkedIn as part of their digital marketing strategy.

App downloads
visitors to their website
of revenue, which was an added bonus for DVS

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