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The Client

DVS are industry-leading distributors of electronic surveillance products. A fast paced and energetic organisation, DVS have since developed a reputation as one of Europe’s most successful multi-brand suppliers since their formation in 2003.

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The Brief

After successfully developing their website, DVS initially approached us with this challenge in 2019, with the hopes of increasing brand awareness and further growing their customer base. Whilst they had already made an impression on the industry, they felt they could be doing more to stay ahead of the competition.

As a B2B company, DVS is a core supplier to trade customers. However, in order for a user to make a purchase from the DVS website, they are required to sign up with a registered trade account. Whilst this system ensures DVS only work directly with their target audience, they needed our help to drive more users to their website and encourage them to create an account.

The Solution

Before undertaking any channel marketing, we first needed to conduct in-depth keyword research, which would tell us which DVS products were the most highly searched for. In using our unique keyword research solution we were able to identify and optimise the most popular DVS product pages to form the foundation of our PPC campaign strategy.

As the primary objective was to increase visibility with their target audience and grow their brand awareness, we implemented a wide range of targeted display campaigns, from Gmail to YouTube. Accompanying the display campaigns, we also configured a number of targeted search campaigns, using the most popular DVS products to drive people to their site.

Once brand awareness had been addressed, we turned our attention to account sign ups. We suggested that alongside the main search and display campaigns, we use RLSA (remarketing for search) ads to remarket to those who had already visited the DVS website. Making sure to use targeted ad messaging, we encouraged users who had already shown an interest in DVS products to continue their customer journey and return to create an account.

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The Results

Between 2019 and 2020, DVS saw the significant benefits of running focused PPC campaigns. Throughout the year, there was a 124% increase in revenue and an 83% increase in conversions, proving just how effective well-considered PPC campaigns can be. Since then DVS have asked us to replicate the strategy on Bing Ads to further increase the audience. Whilst this next stage of the project only started at the beginning of 2021, we have already seen some positive results.

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