Hot Diggidy Dog

Adding a bit of kick to an established hot sauce brand.


Hot Diggidy Dog was created by Simon and Earl - one man and his dog. Well known within the UK foodie community, anyone that met the dynamic duo wouldn't forget them in a hurry. Yet, when it came to the brand and marketing communications the personality and character were missing.


Our challenge was to design and deliver a brand and online experience that would perfectly communicate the brand personality and character.


Chilli sauce fans are typically banter-loving men that will add a bit of hot sauce to their food.


The single most important discovery was that the banter-loving founder of Hot Diggidy Dog was the archetype chilli sauce fanatic. Our consumer research highlighted that chilli fans are mostly fun loving men who will bash a bit of chilli sauce on anything that passed their lips. This insight fuelled the strategy of building the brand on ‘banter’.

With a number of strong brand attributes already established, we deconstructed the brand, saving key assets such as Earl the dog (the founder’s dachshund dog) and built a new brand that would position Hot Diggidy Dog as the top-shelf chilli choice for the lads. The pinnacle of this approach was the brand tagline “fire up your food hole” - a statement that perfectly encapsulated the brand personality.
We delivered complete consistency across every touchpoint by creating the brand, tone of voice, e-commerce website, packaging for the entire product range and social media marketing activity.


With increased impact and visibility, website traffic more than doubled in the first month of launching the renewed brand. The marketing was more relevant and more powerful than ever, delivering a more memorable experience for customers.