KTS Owens Thomas

Modern, Crisp and Clean website for leading firm of accountants

The Client

KTS Owens Thomas is a 3-dimensional leading firm of accountants and business advisers based in South Wales. They pride themselves on going beyond traditional accounting practices so that they can discover new and realistic possibilities for their clients. KTS Owens Thomas always strive to help business achieve their full potential through their range of services, which include Corporate Finance, Accounting Management, Audit and Assurance and many more!

The Brief

The brief was to create a new website for KTS Owens Thomas as their current website was not reflecting the business appropriately. They wanted their new website to be modern, crisp and clean and it had to be aligned with their current branding. As a business, they were also keen to appeal to the whole of the UK and Europe, so that they can continue to grow. KTS Owens Thomas were very aware of their competitors and wanted to the use the website as a tool to attract more customers. Unfortunately their website was outdated and they felt like it was holding them back.

The Solution

We had known the client for over 5 years so when we started this website project we had a clear vision. The client had also put a lot of work into the navigation of the site so the creative happened very quickly. We looked at the navigation that they constructed and worked together to make it a reality. The client also wanted to create new content so we guided them with this so that the website’s design and content would work in harmony.

When we started the design of the website we wanted to make sure that there were no gimmicks and it had a clean and clear design to follow the initial brief. It was also important to us that the design of this website was different to KTS Owens Thomas’ competitors so our designer took inspiration from their strapline. KTS Owens Thomas describe themselves as ‘3-dimensional’ so the design was influenced by this statement. This can be seen through the graphics that are used throughout the website. In regards to content, it needed to provide an excellent user experience as KTS Owens Thomas were conscious that their website was content-rich. To avoid the website becoming overwhelmed with content, we introduced a two column structure. This meant that there was one column for content and one column for headings, which would break up the content and make it easy to digest. We also reduced the width of the content so that the lines were shorter and more readable.

On the development side of the website, we built it in WordPress, as this was a platform that was familiar to the client and it would be easy for them to edit and grow. The website also includes some subtle animations, with pleasing hover effects and interactions. We included this in the development phase because we felt that these additions made the website more engaging to the user, which would in turn make them more likely to browse the website and enquire to find out more.  We also made sure that the content was flexible, for example KTS Owens Thomas are able to tag content to different areas so the user can see what posts a member of staff has written and what service they offer.

Overall, we provided a technical solution that allows them to update and manage their content efficiently so that they can meet their business’ objectives.


Since the website launched in June 2016, we have seen the following results*.

*These results are from July 1st to October 20th 2016 and have been compared to the previous period.

  • 30% increase in sessions
  • 10% increase in users
  • 40% increase in page views