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The Client

Lawrenny Estate is a one-of-a-kind housing development in the heart of Pembrokeshire. The development is particularly special because of the environmentally responsible way that the houses are being built, whilst also not compromising on quality.

The Brief

Lawrenny came to us looking for a two-pronged service – they needed both a new WordPress website and the full branding for it. The main objective of the new website was to tell Lawrenny’s unique story, promoting it as a place to live permanently and not just a holiday destination.

The new site was also to be their mail tool for promoting Lawrenny as a place to ‘live, work, play’ to potential buyers, and particularly to young professional house buyers who are moving back into the area from a city. Alongside that, they would also use the website to promote the project to other potential third parties, such as Welsh government, media outlets and lifestyle magazines.

The Solution

We started off the project by focusing on Lawrenny’s story. While we didn’t visit the Lawrenny Estate in person, we had several meetings and calls with the project managers of the development, as well as the architects responsible for the initial build plans. This research enabled us to work on the branding and create the logo.

Once the brand was signed off and looking really strong, we quickly moved through the design stage, delivering designs for the Homepage as well as their text pages, Case Studies, Blog and Contact page. The designs were intentionally image-led to give the website a more magazine feel in the style of the IKEA magazines which place the products within a wider scene.

The biggest challenge about the design phase was the fact that at the time the developments still hadn’t been built (awaiting planning permission), so the only imagery we had to work with were CAD drawings and a few landscape shots of Lawrenny. We recommended tackling this by having a photoshoot with Magenta and basing the design around people and culture in a way that sells the lifestyle benefits of the area.

With all the designs done and dusted, the WordPress build was smooth sailing. We included website features such as a full screen menu, loading animations as you scroll down the screen and a more tailored text page that strongly matches the brand.

We also integrated an invisible CAPTCHA into the forms as a way to prevent spam and ensure they were getting quality leads without upsetting the design with an unsightly CAPTCHA form.  Working behind the scenes, the invisible tool determines whether you are potentially a bot and only shows a CAPTCHA to suspicious users.

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