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The Client

Mazuma is proud to be the UK’s leading online accountancy firm for small and micro businesses. The business was started to help remove the stress of finance for small business owners, as well as provide them with the knowledge and expertise needed to make their company as financially successful as possible. Mazuma is no longer just the purple envelopes either, they have their own app, online platform and proprietary technology that is specially designed for Mazuma’s market. By 2023 they are forecast to have over 10,000 subscribers as well as an extensive reach across the industry.

The Brief

Mazuma wanted to update their website to communicate a clearer message to their customers of the services they offer, whether the customer is digitally savvy or still prefers the purple envelope. The new website needed to be clean, modern and uncluttered, a touchpoint for current customers and informative and simple for new customers to understand what Mazuma can do for them. There were questions over whether the ‘get a quote’ approach was working or if a pricing page would boost conversions, we were tasked to look at options for this. The key objective for the new website was to make the digital journey of customers finding Mazuma to signing up more effective.

The Solution

There were two main focus points for us in this redesign, the homepage and the ‘get a quote’ page.
We started with the homepage, this was redesigned around the content and imagery that was provided. As the content was given to us during the design stage, we were able to tailor the design to fit the content better. The homepage still contained the core information Mazuma wanted to showcase but wasn’t so text heavy, therefore making it easier for customers to find the relevant information they needed.

To test the ‘Get a Quote’ approach vs a pricing page we decided to design both. We transferred over the quote form from the old Mazuma site and built a new pricing tool that has a lot more transparency in costs. We condensed the quote process so it wasn’t as long and gave them the tools to be more upfront with their costs. The new Pricing matrix is very interactive, we spent a lot of time wireframing and designing this with Mazuma, making sure it worked for all packages/use cases. We also created a mobile version which is completely different with a different user experience and design.

And finally, we removed text from images so that all titles and key content were more SEO friendly and we redesigned the navigation based on the site map provided by Mazuma. We built a flexible text page with flexible blocks that allows Mazuma to craft more engaging landing pages, this will allow them to adapt their landing page to interact better with their customers and show the most relevant and interesting content.

"We've been working with Spindogs for over a decade, so we decided to make the most of that relationship when we built the new website. They know us and our business and we felt that this relationship would help us get through some of the more tricky parts of the build."

— Lucy Cohen Co-Founder Mazuma

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