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The Client

Mrs Buckét is a multi-award-winning commercial cleaning company, delivering exceptional cleaning services to businesses in the public and private sector. With a team of reliable and professional cleaners, Mrs Buckét enables businesses to operate on a day-to-day business, maintaining hygiene in their workplaces to keep their staff and customers safe.

The Brief

Mrs Buckét had recently made the shift from regional to national, and approached us with the hope of establishing themselves as a national cleaning brand. Not only committed to providing professional cleaning services to commercial companies, Mrs Buckét was also on a mission to change perceptions in the cleaning industry. 15 years of cleaning experience had revealed a consistent pattern of cleaners being undervalued. Recognising this as a major oversight to the true value of cleaning professionals and the impact of their services, Mrs Buckét hoped to use their platform to rewrite the rules and change these misconceptions. After all, it’s thanks to the hard work of cleaning staff that businesses can operate in a healthy work environment, with decreased sickness rates, increased productivity levels and ensure that first impressions are immaculate. 

After listening to the goals of Mrs Buckét, we suggested they embark on a full rebrand, with a new website. Updating their digital presence would allow Mrs Buckét to refine their core values and establish their market position, preparing them to spread their message to the industry.

The Solution

To start the spring clean of the Mrs Buckét brand, we underwent a brand discovery process. This was a collaborative project between our team and the team at Mrs Buckét, including their frontline cleaning staff. By listening to the many voices of Mrs Buckét, we were able to build a bigger picture of what they wanted the brand to do with its positioning and its messaging. This was a vital part in the rebranding process and gave those often overlooked in the cleaning industry a chance to voice their opinion. 

Once we had gathered all internal views, we evaluated the external perception of the brand and what would engage customers and help Mrs Buckét stand out from their competitors. The clear theme of changing the perceptions of cleaning and cleaners drove two distinct propositions: that of ‘Transforming Your Workplace’ to recognise the transformational power of a clean and healthy environment, and also the commitment to supporting their people and developing their skills, through continued investment in a ‘Cleaning Academy’ and representation in Employee Stories. 

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Giving the logo a spring clean

Having established a brand blueprint, we began redesigning the Mrs Buckét visual brand. Using the previous logo as a starting point, we considered how it could be refined to reflect the brand’s values. Whilst we liked the intricate design, we felt that the colour palette was failing to reflect the positive attitude of the team at Mrs Buckét. By increasing the vibrancy of the colours, we created a more purposeful colour palette and striking visual identity. 

From the shape and colours of the logo, we created a pattern which could be used to add to their branding to promotional products. To provide context, we demonstrated the pattern in action from their company vans to branded stationary. During this process, we also helped to redesign their company uniforms. Moving away from the blue tabard that’s commonly used by cleaning businesses, we gave the Mrs Buckét team a bespoke set of uniforms. In doing so, we put the cleaners at the centre of the redesign process and gave them the consideration they deserve. 

The Website

Once we had a clear vision of the new brand, we began to build their new website. The website needed to reflect their brand and messaging, whilst clearly communicating their services to a range of industry sectors. With a carefully planned sitemap and over 30 pages of content, we were able to create a website that demonstrated Mrs Buckét’s authority and expertise in delivering commercial cleaning services. Our copy also reflected the experiences of the team with the dedicated ‘Employee Stories’ section.

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The Results

Since completing the project, the client has fully embraced the new brand and began to use it to inform their continued business development. The rebrand not only reflected their industry authority, but prepared them to take on industry perceptions and continually prove them wrong.

"The whole process from start to finish was impressive. rebranding is not about a new logo and website, but more importantly, involving our twister team and connecting hearts and minds to our values and vision. Through the workshops Spindogs ran for us, we were delighted with the end results.”

— Rachael Flanagan Managing Director and Founder

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