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The Client

Technical asset management for the built environment.

REAMS provides global asset management consultancy services, blending traditional engineering and surveying expertise with proprietary technology and digital strategies. They maximise the value of your built asset base enhancing performance and sustainability and minimising risk and cost.

REAMS clients benefit from optimised maintenance and investment strategies, regulatory compliance and improved asset availability all delivered through their market-leading ELIAS platform.

The Brief

REAMS came to us looking for a new website. They wanted something fresh and new that wouldn’t be a replication of the old site in any way whilst still being in-line with their brand. It needed to be a modernised experience of their existing site that would re-position them in their market as more of a technical/digital services provider and distance them from where they were historically.

The website also needed to be solution-led, meaning that when people came to the site with a problem, they could find multiple ways of implementing a solution which was to be done by a new filtering system.

The Solution

We started with a kick-off meeting with the client to define the goals of the project and timelines to work to. Once we had a feel of what REAMS wanted, we set to designing the homepage, including the header and footer, as this style would then inform the sub-pages.

Designer Clare created a redesign of the website with a modern look and feel that was totally unrecognisable from the original website but with the same recognisable brand.

We improved the UX of the REAMS site to help filter people to the appropriate solutions for their problems. This allowed the users to think ‘why am I here?’ and ‘what am I looking for’ to start them on their journey.

With the guidance of the marketing team at REAMS, we were able to redesign and build a WordPress website that positioned them to stand out from their competitors. We modernised the website and simplified the user experience while staying within the realms of the original brand.

You can see the full website here.

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