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The Client

After 46 years in business, it is safe to say that the Thomas Carroll Group have staked their claim on the Welsh insurance and financial services market. The group has now set their sights on building a presence in South Wales, Hereford and London. The team at Thomas Carroll began the website process in the Autumn of 2016, and began working with Spindogs on their new website in January 2017.

The Brief

Having won the tender to deliver a new website, the main aim was to deliver a new website that could accommodate their regional and organic growth without being too complex for the customer. What began as a website project soon became a detailed brand discovery phase involving every stakeholder.

Excited to work with the renowned insurance, risk and wealth management company, the Spindogs team couldn’t wait to get started on creating a website for a business that spans six locations and employs 140 people.

The Solution

We recognised the need to tailor the new site and its content to the way clients and prospects engage with financial services online. The result is an improved user journey, which has significantly impacted on the user experience, compared with the previous site.

We developed a flexible website with easy to navigate modules that enabled Thomas Carroll to efficiently manage change within the team, as well as being able to easily present the information based on how the customer is hoping to access and engage with the content.

The Spindogs and Thomas Carroll collaboration didn’t stop there! We were also invited to work with the team on their magazine, The Scene, an annual publication showcasing company news, client stories and features with a readership of 15,000. We worked closely with Thomas Carroll to bring new features and creative ideas to life.

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