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The Client

Since 1981, Thomas Lloyd have been providing customers with high quality leather furniture at affordable prices. With their entire collection of products handmade by a skilled team of craftsmen, Thomas Lloyd are now one of the largest manufacturers of hand-made leather furniture in the UK and champion their production method as the key to their success.

The Brief

As one of our longest standing clients, we have had the pleasure of working with Thomas Lloyd for several years, developing and improving their digital presence over the course of three websites. Since building their current website back in 2017, we have continued to work with Thomas Lloyd on a recurring basis supporting their digital marketing activity, with the overarching goal being to consistently increase revenue. With this in mind, we recommended that Thomas Lloyd consider social media advertising – an area in which they had not particularly ventured – in a bid to drive more traffic to the site with the intent to convert.

The Challenge

The main challenge we faced when setting up social media adverts for Thomas Lloyd, was choosing the most effective target audience. Not only do Thomas Lloyd’s products serve more traditional tastes, but the trend for Chesterfields and leather furniture in general amongst younger homeowners meant that using age as a means of defining demographic was very difficult.

Often viewed as a big decision, it can take a long time to choose a new sofa. That’s why we decided to focus our social ads on warm users, those who are already in the market to purchase. This could be users who had already shown an interest in buying a new leather sofa or those that had previously interacted with the Thomas Lloyd brand. In doing so, we could serve the social ads in a strong position to generate conversions.

The Solution

We set up and ran two different social media ads. The first set were traffic-oriented and worked to increase brand awareness and drive traffic to the site. The second set were dynamic remarketing ads and showed users the specific sofa range they had previously been looking at on the Thomas Lloyd website. By using these ads in combination, we were able to target users at different stages of the lead generation funnel, from completely new users to those who had visited the website and demonstrated interest in a particular product or range.

At this stage, we also introduced remarketing in Google Ads, to keep the brand on the radar of potential customers.

The Results

In the first 3 months of running our new ad campaigns, Thomas Lloyd saw a huge increase in demand from new and returning users, when compared to the previous year.
  • Sample requests increased 77%
  • Brochure requests increased 57%
  • Revenue increased 71%
  • Returning users increased 71%
  • Returning revenue increased 60%
With a surge in engagement and conversions, Thomas Lloyd were left ecstatic with the results and have employed us to continue running their social and Google ads ever since.

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