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The Client

Topstak are leading suppliers in a wide range of industries. From barbecues and stoves to kitchens and chimneys, Topstak are renowned for their unrivalled range of products. With over 20 years of experience to hand, the team at Topstak continue to offer expert advice to customers, helping them choose the appliance that’s perfect for them.

The Brief

Having recently finished building Topstak a new website, they asked us to help improve the performance of their social accounts. Whilst they understood the benefits of a social media strategy, they needed our help to implement it. The client had two main goals: to increase traffic to the website and encourage sales of products. With this in mind, our social media experts got to work on creating an effective paid social plan.

The Solution

In August 2020, the digital marketing team took full control of Topstak’s Facebook and Instagram pages. Since then, we have worked closely with the client to determine which products we want to focus on each month.

During the warmer months, we ran a number of funnel social campaigns which promoted their range of Novitek hot tubs. We had one campaign targeting a cold audience of users who had shown an interest in hot tubs in the local area. The purpose of this campaign was to increase traffic to the hot tub pages on the Topstak website, raising brand awareness. We also had a second campaign retargeting a warm audience of users who had previously visited Topstak’s hot tub pages. The purpose of this campaign was to encourage users back to the site to generate conversions.

The Results

Since taking control of Topstak’s social accounts, we have seen huge improvements in the levels of traffic landing on their website, compared to the previous year.
  • Facebook generated a 367% increase in traffic
  • Instagram generated a 1336% increase in traffic

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