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The Client

Topstak are renowned for going above and beyond to meet their customers’ every needs. Behind their unrivalled product range is a team of field experts who are committed to providing high quality customer service. Whether a customer has a query about a barbecue or needs advice about a hot tub, the team at Topstak are on hand to help.

The Brief

After designing and building their new website, Topstak requested our support with improving their organic ranking for specific search queries. In doing so, they hoped to rely less on paid advertising and more on their organic positioning to increase their traffic and conversions.

The Challenge

For Topstak to improve their organic ranking, they were going to need an SEO strategy. However, with this being new territory for the client, they were initially hesitant to give it a go. Thanks to our previous experience and success with SEO projects, we were able to convince Topstak that this was the right move for them.

The Solution

To kickstart their SEO campaign, we performed a full site review. This told us which pages were ranking well and which required a bit more attention. Feeding this data back to the client, we chose three main landing pages to focus on: Clearview Stoves, Esse Stoves and Hot Tubs.

Using keyword research, we were able to improve and expand the content on each landing page to match the most popular search queries. Drawing on the keywords, we also updated the browser title and meta descriptions on the landing pages and related product pages.

Once the changes had been made, we created a bespoke dashboard that would allow Topstak to monitor the progress of their rankings.

The Results

Since implementing our SEO changes, Topstak have seen some fantastic results, with significant improvements to their ranking positions.
  • For ‘Clearview Stove’ they went from position 29 to position 15
  • For ‘Clearview Pioneer’ they went from position 21 to position 7
  • For ‘Esse 350’ they went from position 19 to position 11
  • For ‘Esse Ironheart’ they went from position 12 to position 8
  • For ‘Buy Hot Tubs South Wales’ they went from position 63 to position 17
As the client was so impressed with the results generated through SEO, they have now increased their retainer to include 1 day a month for SEO improvements.

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