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The Client

Traveline Cymru are a partnership of transport companies, local authorities and passenger groups which have come together to bring customers routes and times for all travel in Great Britain by bus, rail, coach and ferry, and  provide it in as many different ways such as through a website and a mobile app.

The Brief

Traveline came to Spindogs after previously working with us on a number of smaller projects over the years. They wanted a supplier that could be flexible and hit deadlines when required. Due to the relationship that we had formed, Traveline felt that we were best suited to work with them and help them to move their business forward digitally.

Traveline were looking to develop a new site that would include a journey planner so that people could find the quickest and easiest routes to get around Wales from any destination.  They also wanted to develop an App that would be accessible for people to use on their phones and to make the process easier when their customers are travelling on the go.

Traveline already had a strong brand and vision of what they wanted to promote. Spindogs were brought in to help them portray this brand and make the vision happen.

The key points that Traveline wanted for their website, was for it to become more modern and work at a fast pace as it needed to be able to give people the most up to date information constantly throughout the day.

The Solution

The solution for Traveline was a fresh new look with an easy to use journey planner, supported by regular alerts and engaging content.

Traveline had used our CMS before and so the features it held were familiar to them, the main change from our previous work with them was that we were now working directly with their data team to ensure that the journey planner produced the right results, as quickly as possible,  based on your trip.

The responsive site offers a much better experience for mobile users, delivering the information they need when on the go.

The new CMS offers more flexibility for Traveline to update various features and the support contract that they have with us means that they have the access they need to the team that worked on the project to make any changes required, based on user feedback.

The Results

From receiving regular feedback from their customers, Traveline are still making changes and amends to their website to offer the customer the best user experience that they can. With every change that is made the website is improving! Traveline praised Spindogs for the great base that they were presented with to build on, and upon Spindogs flexibility and quick response time, we are able to help Traveline make their changes an easy and ongoing process!

 "Spindogs have been extremely creative, flexible and open throughout the project. The support we have received post project has also been excellent"

—  Laura Thomas Marketing Officer 

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